Music Video Offers A Voyeuristic View Of People’s Private Internet Habits [Video]

Music Video Offers A Voyeuristic View Of People’s Private Internet Habits [Video]

Holly Herndon's new track features an intimate 3D look at people's desks and workspaces.

Ross Brooks
  • 23 january 2014

We all have certain online habits that might seem strange to others, something which Holly Herndon was keen to capture when she turned to Akihiko Taniguchi for help with her latest music video. The video for “Chorus” was inspired when Holly took a look at her own online tendencies, some of which you can see for yourself below.

Holly explained why she was so excited about teaming up with Akihiko for her new track:

I love the idea of depicting the mundane and quotidian in high definition, and how evocative and individual each of these spaces are. Thinking about intimacy and the laptop is familiar territory for me. I’ve also been thinking a lot about privacy, particularly in light of the ongoing revelations regarding the NSA, which add a more sinister sub-narrative to Akihiko’s piece.


Akihiko also asked several of his friends to photograph their desktop environments, which were then rendered with custom 3D software. This dreamlike landscape can be seen throughout the video, which creates a viewing experience far-removed from the typical music video.

I was interested in exploring the textures of daily necessities and the embodiment / physicality of the computer and Internet. One of the most striking contemporary images is that of the desktop capture, which is seen commonly on YouTube as part of software tutorials. I like the shots of desktops that are poorly organized and ‘lived-in’.

Don’t miss out on Holly’s new track, which is both visually mesmerizing, and aurally inspiring.

Holly Herndon / Akihiko Taniguchi

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