NFC-Enabled Case Turns The iPhone Into A Universal Mobile Wallet

NFC-Enabled Case Turns The iPhone Into A Universal Mobile Wallet

New device offers easy payment options for non-Android devices.

Serena Chu
  • 31 january 2014

The growing trend of devices and technology that allows users to leave their wallets at home has captured the attention of Google and Apple. Platforms like Google Wallet and Square have increasingly grown in popularity. Now mobile devices that are powered by NFC, a short range radio technology that lets two devices communicate when touched, have also opened up opportunities for people to purchase groceries and gas without constantly being on the hunt for ATM machines.


Though the NFC feature is only present in Android phones, iPhone users can look to the Incipio Cashwrap for all their digital payments. This iPhone case contains an embedded NFC chip, and syncs to the Isis Mobile Wallet iOS ap. In stores that accept mobile payments, users won’t be able to tell the difference between a NFC-enabled phone and a NFC-less phone.


While the case lends advantages to iPhone 5/5s users, only people on the AT&T network are able to access its features right now.

You can purchase the ultra-sleek case for $69, click here.

Incipio Cashwrap

Source: Wired

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