Why Twitter’s Co-Founder Is Asking Brands To Use The Receipt As A Publishing Medium

Why Twitter’s Co-Founder Is Asking Brands To Use The Receipt As A Publishing Medium

Jack Dorsey encourages retailers to use the untapped resource to their benefit.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 16 january 2014

Twitter co-founder and Square CEO Jack Dorsey spoke at the annual National Retail Federation’s expo this week and encouraged retailers to make use of the checkout receipt as a medium for marketing and advertising.

He stressed the potential of the simple receipt as an untapped publishing medium and described it as a product, a valuable canvas that people “want to take home, that they want to engage with, be fully interactive with.”

He mentioned the Square Wallet app as “the receipt as a full-blown application.” The app lets users pay merchants over the internet using Square. He noted that the app provides a kind of VIP experience when used since customers’ names, images, and their most likely purchases can pop up on the registers. He also added that one way retailers can add value to the receipt is to add their Twitter handle to them.

We have seen brands use receipts innovatively before. Last year, European supermarket chain Auchan gave customers access to their sustainability reports via their receipts. The year before that, mayonnaise brand Hellmann’s teamed up with supermarket chain St Marche and printed personalized recipes on their customer’s grocery receipts.

Source: Buzzfeed

Image: Auchan 

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