Armored Vehicle Job Posting Offers James Bond-Like Job Perks

Armored Vehicle Job Posting Offers James Bond-Like Job Perks

Armored vehicle maker INKAS posted a job vacancy that requires the hired candidate to go around the world and meet with famous people.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 6 january 2014

INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing recently posted a job vacancy for a position that would take the new hired employee all over the globe and rubbing elbows with famous celebrities and other VIPs like government officials and foreign dignitaries.

The company, which is renowned for making armored and bulletproof vehicles for high-profile clients, is on the hunt for what they’re calling International Ambassadors.

The International Ambassadors will be responsible for making sure that delivery of the company’s luxury vehicles occur without a hitch. The successful candidate will also be responsible for establishing good relationships with VIP clients by meeting with them, taking them out, and going to other social and business-related events.

INKAS’s job post describes the desired candidate as someone who has superior communication skills, is responsible and trustworthy, fluent in English, and presentable. Ability to speak other languages, especially Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese Russian and Mandarin, and a basic understanding of the industry are definite advantages.

The job posting may just be a publicity stunt, but it’s certainly doing a good job of attracting attention to the car brand.


Source, Image: Luxury Insider

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