Jawbone’s Redesigned Wireless Headset Is No Longer Just For Office Workers [Pics]

Jawbone’s Redesigned Wireless Headset Is No Longer Just For Office Workers [Pics]

ERA, a tiny earbud, uses Siri or Google and is designed to simplify all phone interactions.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 17 january 2014

Wearable tech and audio company Jawbone just launched its latest ERA headset, a re-engineered Bluetooth earbud headset that is designed to make all phone interactions simplified and easy.

ERA is the smallest, lightest, and most comfortable headset Jawbone has ever created. Its design is based on the natural contour of the ear — allowing for a secure and comfortable fit and making it easier and more convenient for the wearer to use their phone.

The headset is 42% smaller than Jawbone’s latest model, comes with a charging case that provides up to ten hours of talk time, and uses a voice-based interface. It is also built with an improved NoiseAssassin® technology that reduces background noise and improves speech detection.


Wearers can also use the Jawbone App to program the TALK button to access Siri or Google Now. ERA is designed to blend seamlessly into the wearer’s daily routine.

The new ERA headset is available for $129.99 at the Jawbone website in four colors — Black Streak, Silver Cross, Bronze Streak, and Red Streak. The headset is also available at Verizon stores, but only in Black Streak. The headset will be available in other selected stores starting January 24th.



Source: PR Newswire

Images: Jawbone

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