Kia Reimagines The Sports Car [Detroit 2014]

Kia Reimagines The Sports Car [Detroit 2014]
Design & Architecture

Designers questioned whether technology really added to the driving experience.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 20 january 2014

Kia knows how to put together stunning concept cars. The automaker has amassed a recent track record of innovative, uniquely styled vehicles. Adding to their collection is the GT4 Stinger, a purist sports car concept designed to heighten the driving experience. Kia presented the GT4 in the context of a movie premier including a trailer intro and a collection of movie posters created by the design staff. The car looks stunning in person, it tweaks the classic sports car formula just enough to seem really fresh. There’s nothing retro or derived about the design.


The exterior and interior were treated equally with a light touch. Much of the interior was left raw metal and there isn’t even a sound system included. The design team shunned loading a lot of technology gadgets on to the GT4 in order to let the engine sound, handling, and driving feel stand out.


While Kia didn’t announce any production plans, the design staff all admitted to wanted to be the first buyers. If Kia does chose to produce the GT4 it would looks to be a worthy budget sports car rival to the Scion FRS/BRZ.






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