Jacket Lights Up When Its Wearer Eats Chocolate

Jacket Lights Up When Its Wearer Eats Chocolate

The Joy Jacket creates an interactive lighting display as the user experiences joy.

  • 13 january 2014

If you think chocolate can only make your taste buds happy, the team at Hirsch&Mann is determined to show you otherwise. The ‘Joy Jackets’ commissioned by Cadbury contain “chocolate detection” sensor technology to create a visual display and multi-sensory experience that amplifies the feeling of joy that comes from eating chocolate.

Using Raspberry Pi controllers, the jackets react when the wearer bites into a bar of chocolate. When activated, blinking LED lights will visualize an excited heartbeat on the chest, followed by songs of fanfare from hidden speakers along with whimsical huffing and puffing of colorful pieces sewn in the fabric. Finally, a sudden burst of confetti will mark the crescendo.

See a video of the jacket in action below:

The Joy Jacket, and technologies like it fall into a trend we are calling Emotional Mirror, as featured in our recently released ‘Future of Wearable Tech Report.” We have noticed that sensors and display technologies are being embedded into clothing and accessories to outwardly convey information about the wearer and his/her reaction to the surrounding environment. Responding to everything from an individual’s emotional state to their interactions with others with light, color and opacity, these adaptive materials create a novel communication stream that informs both the wearer and those around them.

To read more about the evolving form and function of wearable devices and their influence on the way we live, work and socialize, download our report here.

Cadbury // Hirsch&Mann

Future of Wearable Tech Report

Image: Akio

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