Sleep-Monitoring Headband Enables People To Take Control Of Their Dreams [Video]

Sleep-Monitoring Headband Enables People To Take Control Of Their Dreams [Video]

Aurora wearers will enter a state of lucid dreaming, waking up to feel more energized and alert of their surroundings.

Serena Chu
  • 17 january 2014

The concept of lucid dreaming is somewhat vague, but nonetheless very intriguing. In this state of rest, people are believed to experience fewer nightmares and lower levels of stress and anxiety, while being completely aware of their imaginative process. To actively trigger lucid dreams, developers at iWinks lab created the Aurora, a headband that monitors the wearer’s sleep stages throughout the night, and plays a rhythm of lights and sounds during their REM sleep.


In order to obtain a good night’s rest, users simply need to wear the Aurora to bed. The device’s innovative software, featuring a system of complicated algorithms, can measure brainwaves and eye-movement activity, while also tracking body movements. While the headpiece can be used on its own, the audio features are only available with a smartphone. A specially designed smartphone app makes tracking dreamscapes possible, and features a smarter alarm clock that knows when to wake users up during their light phases of sleep.

Here is a simulation of what users will experience when they wear the headpiece to sleep.

After crushing its Kickstarter goal, iWinks has already begun building the first batch of models, which will be ready for shipment in June. With an appropriate price tag of $175, the Aurora is a nifty creation that lets users take control of their own dreams.

You can find out more about the project on th Kickstarter page here.


Source: Mashable

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