Luxury Magazine Graffiti Reveals The Hidden Realities Of Lavish Lifestyles [Pics]

Luxury Magazine Graffiti Reveals The Hidden Realities Of Lavish Lifestyles [Pics]
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Ramiro Gomez takes ads from luxe home magazines, and paints in the domestic help that exist behind the scenes of the perfectly manicured homes.

Daniela Walker
  • 8 january 2014

When artist Ramiro Gomez Jr. was down on his luck, he found a job as a nanny for a wealthy family in West Hollywood. His two years spent with this family inspired his magazine series, Domestic Scenes, where he ripped ads from luxury home magazines and painted on the domestic help that keep these luxury homes looking so lustrous.


Gomez has been creating these works since his time as a nanny, when his employers would give him old issues of Dwell and Architectural Digest and would paint shadowy figures of the transient workers that are vital if invisible members of the household. It was partly a reaction to his own feelings of invisibility within the household. He told The Atlantic:

I feel like I am witness to something not everyone can see. There are people who have a $10 million dollar home, but can’t afford to pay $10 an hour?

In the past couple of years, Gomez has gained recognition for his work by media outlets, with some museums (such as the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego) acquiring pieces as permanents parts of their collection. He has also begun working on larger scale pieces, placing cardboard cutouts of domestic servants outside of real-life Hollywood mansions. He tells Fast Co.Exist:

What I’m trying to dismiss is the dismissal of others–of labor, and the worker, and the feeling that the worker is a parasite or a hanger on, or that horrible vilification of somebody who should not be vilified at all

His current series will be on display at the Charles James gallery in Los Angeles later this month.

Ramiro Gomez Jr.

Source: Fast Co.Exist

Images: Ramiro Gomez Jr.

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