Makeup Line Packaged For The Modern Man [Pics]

Makeup Line Packaged For The Modern Man [Pics]

A more manly approach to makeup from Dutch designer Annemiek van der Beek makes cosmetics more accessible to the opposite sex.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 7 january 2014

In an attempt to appeal to the more “modern” and appearance-conscious man, Annemiek van der Beek has created the Primal Skin collection.

A set of black anodized aluminum compacts and brushes, the Primal Skin makeup collection is composed of coal, clay, mineral stones, and other natural ingredients to help cover-up complexion blemishes and accentuate your eyes.

In an interview with Dezeen, van der Beek had the following to say about her inspiration for Primal Skin:

These days men are using more cosmetic products than before and even makeup is a more common topic . . . For women wearing makeup is a daily ritual and for them it’s much easier to use and buy it because of the big range of products. This new branding experience makes makeup accessible for the modern man.

The collection includes five colors of foundation and powder, three shades of grey eye shadow, two shades of black eye pencil, and specially designed application tools. Drawing comparison to Tom Ford’s makeup line for men, the Primal Skin collection is housed in minimal, black aluminum carriers to remove the femininity usually associated with makeup.

“I chose aluminum because the weight and the temperature of the material feels more manly to hold,” van der Beek explained in the Dezeen interview. “Makeup products are always focused on the female user, but I think a guy wants to experience makeup in a different way.”

Primal Skin was revealed as part of van der Beek’s graduation show from the Design Academy Eindhoven. Check out the gallery below.



Primal Skin

Sources: Annemiek van der Beek, Dezeen Magazine

Images: Dezeen Magazine

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