Mini Mobile Home Offers Millennials A New American Dream [Pics]

Mini Mobile Home Offers Millennials A New American Dream [Pics]
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OTIS is a 70-square-foot mobile home that can be towed behind regular cars, letting people follow a more nomadic, sustainable lifestyle.

Daniela Walker
  • 28 january 2014

Remember when that dream of home ownership flitted away as your student loans piled up and your parents told you it was time to move out? Well, the students studying Renewable Energy and Ecological Design (REED) at Vermont’s Green Mountain College have put forth a cozy, sustainable alternative — a 70 foot pod that can be attached your car and is entirely energy self-sufficient.


The pod, called OTIS or the Optimal Traveling Independent Space uses solar energy and a rainwater collection system to run, as well as a toilet that turns human waste into compost.

More than just a particualrly petite mobile home, Professor Lucas Brown, who supervised the students on the project, sees it as indicative of a new different dream of how we should be living in the 21st century, and a mortgage has nothing to do with it. He says:

The appeal of living a more nomadic lifestyle represents a new take on the American Dream, especially among students in this millennial generation. Lots of writing on the millennials suggests that our suburban growth model perpetuated over the last 50-60 years is starting to come to an end. They (students) aren’t interested in being tied down with rent or a mortgage right after college. Something about having their own living space which is very low maintenance and very mobile suggests a different set of priorities.



REED, Green Mountain College

Source/Images: TreeHugger

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