Engine Makeover Makes Machines 20 Percent More Efficient [Video]

Engine Makeover Makes Machines 20 Percent More Efficient [Video]

Lontra's Blade Compressor replaces traditional piston parts and makes engines up to 20% more efficient.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 22 january 2014

The Blade Compressor is a circular device that makes engines up to 20% more efficient.

Designed by technologist and entrepreneur Steve Lindsey, the device replaces traditional piston parts with a rotating blade that induces air behind it and compresses the air in front of it, creating a continuous cycle of inducing behind and compressing air in front. The device is a compact double-acting rotary compressor and its process minimizes wastage.

The technology has been ten years in the making and can be applied to any type of engine, but at the moment the technology will first be used to help treat and clean water faster and more effectively.

To get the technology out to various industries, Lindsey founded the IP company Lontra in 2004. With support from the Carbon Trust, Lontra was able to partner with Severn Trent Water to test the Blade Compressor in one of the company’s production plants. The trial was successful and the Lontra technology was credited by Severn Trent chief executive Tony Wray as a factor that contributed to a 3% reduction in the company’s electricity bill in the last year.


Because of the success of the prototype, Lindsey was awarded the most innovative new technology of the year award at the Water Industry Achievement Awards.

Lontra has signed a global licensing deal with a worldwide manufacturer of waste water machines. It also continues to work to increase the number of applications for the technology.

Aside from the Carbon Trust, the company has gained support from the Technology Strategy Board, the DTI/London Development Agency, and the Carbon Trust Incubator Scheme.

The video below shows Steve Lindsey explaining how the Blade Compressor works.

Watch an animation of the design of the Blade Compressor below.


Source: The Telegraph

Images: Lontra

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