Mobile Ads Let Shoppers Complete Simple Tasks For Retail Rewards

Mobile Ads Let Shoppers Complete Simple Tasks For Retail Rewards

Adtile takes stationary mobile ads and incorporates motion and perks, in an attempt to engage potential customers.

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 29 january 2014

Mobile advertising has been increasing in both presence and complexity since the advent of the smartphone. While these phones have evolved in features and capability, the advertising has been less quick to innovate. Adtile is now taking mobile ads to a new level, providing smartphone users with perks and offers depending on their specific location.

Ads with this motion-sensitivity will be highlighted with the Adtile logo in the corner. By pressing it, the user will interact with the ad in a specific way, like shaking, walking, drawing, and more to attain benefits from specific stores. Once they complete the action, they will be directed to go get their physical award at a nearby location, whose directions are pulled from Yelp.


Founder and CEO Nils Forsblom highlights that the problem with mobile ads is that they are flat and un-interactive, a problem his company is actively working to solve:

Let’s be straight — advertising is not that exciting. For better or for worse, it’s still images and app installs. This is really something that I think will make people play.

Whether this new style of advertising will take off has yet to be seen, but it address a very real hole in mobile advertising techniques seeking user engagement.


Source: TechCrunch

Images: Adtile

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