Sneaky Photography Video Game Mocks Traditional Museum Etiquette [Video]

Sneaky Photography Video Game Mocks Traditional Museum Etiquette [Video]

'No Photos, Please!' is a two-player game where one snaps shots of exhibits while the other tries to catch them.

Emma Hutchings
  • 9 january 2014

Developed by The Basement Studios, ‘No Photos, Please!’ is a local two-player video game that pits a photographer against a museum security guard. Set in the numerous Heritage Malta museums, the player who takes control of the photographer tries to expand their collection of pictures by snapping shots of the exhibits without getting caught, offering a commentary on the traditional, stuffy settings.

Sneaky Photography Game Mocks Museum Etiquette [Video]

The other person in the two-player match controls the security guard, who must identify and apprehend the photographer before the timer runs out. The game, which is on Steam Greenlight and due to be released mid-2014, is played from a bird’s eye perspective. Both players have a number of ways to outsmart each other using role-specific abilities while trying to complete their opposing objectives.

When the game starts, the first thing both players need to do is find their avatars in the crowd of people inside the museum. It is in both of their interests to keep a low profile by trying to blend in with the AI-driven visitors to avoid detection. You can check out some of the gameplay in the video below:

The Basement Studios

Sources: Kotaku, Steam Greenlight

Images: Steam Greenlight


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