Music-Playing Wristband Cements Long-Term Memories

Music-Playing Wristband Cements Long-Term Memories

San Francisco-based Sheepdog Sciences has created a device that helps you learn while sleeping.

Jaymar Cabebe
  • 15 january 2014

Sheepdog Sciences is a bit different from your typical tech startup. Formed by a group of neuroscientists, this San Francisco-based shop develops devices based on years of biomedical research, specifically relating to the state of human sleep.

While the startup may not sound all that exciting, the company’s latest device is certainly an innovation worth some attention.

What Sheepdog has created is a wristband that can help you commit facts to memory… while you’re sleeping. It may sound unbelievable, but the idea is based on scientific research that suggests that long-term memories are formed while you’re in bed, or more specifically, while you’re in a deep state of unconsciousness.

The science behind the wristband may be complicated, but the functionality around it is simple. To use it, you first need to make sure you’re playing music while you’re studying. After that, the wristband will monitor your heartbeat, and when it determines you’re in a state of deep sleep, it will replay that same music.

This musical “anchor” serves to reactivate the short-term memories that you created while studying, so they can be cemented into your long-term memory while you’re in deep sleep. And not surprisingly, the wristband connects to a Sheepdog Sciences mobile app that can track your learning, so you can optimize your study habits.

Sources: VentureBeat, Sheepdog Sciences
Images: VentureBeat

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