Streamlined Office Supplies For The Desk Of The Future [Pics]

Streamlined Office Supplies For The Desk Of The Future [Pics]
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Nendo's collection of items including sticky notes and paper clips are reimagined in ways that elevate their functionality.

Emma Hutchings
  • 13 january 2014

Back in the day, neon folders and Lisa Frank-designed 3-ring binders were all the rage in school. But, what does a professional adult do when in need of a desk revamp? Nendo has created a collection of well-designed stationery items to streamline and update our messy office desks.

One of the designs is a set of cubic rubber bands that stand straight and can easily be located in a drawer. The ‘link clip’ paperclips are connected together in a ring and can be detached when needed – ensuring that the clips don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Nendo Reimagines The Office With Streamlined Stationery [Pics]

The ‘contrast ruler’ has markings on it fading from white to black, making it to easy to use on both light and dark surfaces. Nendo has also designed bottomless ‘outline trays’, sticky notes shaped like pie chart wedges, and a flip pen with a special cap that reveals a ballpoint pen when removed and a tablet stylus when reversed.

The new line of stationery will be available in Japan next month and worldwide from April. Click through to see a selection of the items:


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Images: designboom, Wallpaper*

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