iPhone Case Uses Heat Sensors To Create Night Vision Lens [CES 2014]

iPhone Case Uses Heat Sensors To Create Night Vision Lens [CES 2014]

The Flir One lets users map their environment using temperature.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 9 january 2014

Another nifty item being demoed at CES 2014 is the Flir One, a personal thermal imaging device that is fitted into an iPhone like a protective case.

The case fits onto the iPhone 5 or 5S and allows users to view their surroundings as a live thermal image right on their screen. It allows users to see the heat signatures of people, animals, and other heat sources like furnace ducts from up to a hundred meters away. The Flir One also lets users see small differences in temperature.

According to the Flir website, the device can be used for several things like detecting areas for repair or improvement in the home, helping people to “see” things in the dark and protect themselves, among others.


The device comes with a free app that makes it easy for users to capture and save thermal images and then share them on their social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The company is looking to release a software development kit to enable developers to create apps for the device.

The Flir One comes with its own battery source that can power the device for over two hours of continuous use. The battery can also be configured and used as a power source for the iPhone.

Interested folks can already pre-order their Flir One case for around $350, but it won’t ship until spring.

Flir One

Source: TechCrunch

Images: Flir OneTechCrunch

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