Full-Page NY Times Ad Features A Single Tweet As Copy

Full-Page NY Times Ad Features A Single Tweet As Copy

New Cohen Brothers' movie “Inside Llewyn Davis” experiments with hybrid advertising.

Ross Brooks
  • 6 january 2014

As part of a strange move to promote one of their recent films, Inside Llewyn DavisCBS Films took out a full-page advertisement in the Saturday edition of The New York Times to include the image of a single tweet. The tweet came from one of the NYT’s own film critics, A.O. Scott, and was even modified to exclude two other movies that were mentioned.

The original Tweet read:

You all keep fighting about Wolf of Wall Street and Am Hustle. I’m gonna listen to the Llewyn Davis album again. Fare thee well, my honeys.

As mentioned on Mashable, it was confirmed that the tweet was edited to meet rules established by the Academy. These rules prohibit production companies from mentioning competitors’ movies in their ads.


In response to the ad, A.O. Scott tweeted:

We have reached a strange new place in marketing when tweets become full-page print ads.

What makes this new reverse-engineered advertising so interesting is that if Scott did not give permission for his tweet to be included in the ad, CBS Films may have violated Twitter’s “Use of Content” guidelines. The guidelines stipulate that “without explicit permission of the original content creator, Twitter content may not be used in advertising.”

It will be interesting to see if there is any major fallout from this ad stunt.

Sources: Mashable, The Wrap

Images: YouTube Screenshot, Kristine Stewart


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