Tiny Robot Arm Creates Factories Out Of Office Desks

Tiny Robot Arm Creates Factories Out Of Office Desks

Downsized industrial arms offer a helping hand at home.

Serena Chu
  • 27 january 2014

It’s hard to imagine robotic arms anywhere outside the factory, but Shenzhen-based startup UFactory is showing the world that these mechanical structures can also find their way into our homes. If you are in anyway intrigued by the idea of robots handling your daily chores, then you will find the company’s latest project uArm to be something worth investing in. Currently featured on Kickstarter, the uArm is a mini industrial robot arm that can create small assembly lines at your desk.


The Arduino-powered arm is a downsized version of the giant industrial robots, and can be customized to perform actions from playing music to assembling DIY kits. Its 4-degrees of freedom, which include three servos on the base and a mini servo on the top, provide enough strength to easily lift and move a can of soda. Users can control the robot with a keyboard or mouse, and future developments will allow for remote controlling via Bluetooth.

Below is a video explaining how the uArm handles different operations, check it out.


Source: Kickstarter


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