My Nick Jr. lets kids be in control of what they watch with a smile or frown rating system.

My Nick Jr. is a new kind of channel where parents can customize a kid-centric lineup of shows to better suit their kids' age and preference. Soon-to-be launched by Viacom, this interactive channel is a hybrid of scheduled programming and on-demand options, like Netflix. “It’s a great way for Verizon to be able to offer more interactivity to customers, and for us it’s a new way connect with parents and kids,” says Mark Jafar, VP of corporate communications at Viacom.

The vast selection of shows on Nickelodeon's network can be categorized into the channel's preset themes, with names such as “word play,” “super-sonic science,” and “get creative.” As a way to create a comprehensive list of appropriate programing for kids, the channel will allow kids to rate the shows by clicking on smile or  frown icons, which will then alter the shows that show up in the queue. With children's short attention span in mind, the premium channel will feature no ads in order to offer uninterrupted entertainment.

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