Robotic Suit Turns The Wearer Into A Superhero [Video]

Robotic Suit Turns The Wearer Into A Superhero [Video]

Panasonic give us a glimpse into the future of robotics.

Lara Piras
  • 30 january 2014

Tech giant Panasonic have created the unthinkable, a suit with super hero qualities.

By 2015 Panasonic’s robotic research company Activelink will mass-produce the ‘power-labour suit’, a powered, robotic exoskeleton that will give the user superhuman strength and the ability to move at an enhanced speed. It will enable the wearer to lift 100-kilo (220-pound) objects and move at speeds of up to 8 kph (5 mph).


The suit will cost around $5,000 and has been designed with the idea to be used in situations like natural disasters, on construction sites or even in nuclear power plants. The company already have strong ideas for the future, which will see advance designs that will enable the suit to be used in extreme environments, such as in space and deep sea. The suit will contain a lithium-ion battery pack that can provide for several hours of general-purpose activity, which ultimately improves the overall performance and also lowers the cost enabling it to move into mass markets.

Watch the video below:


Sources, Images: Japan CrushNext Big Future


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