Why Pebble’s New Watch Is Dressy On The Inside And Out [CES 2014]

Why Pebble’s New Watch Is Dressy On The Inside And Out [CES 2014]

The popular smart device gets a surprising makeover.

Lara Piras
  • 8 january 2014

Presented at CES 2014 this week, Pebble, known for ‘putting apps and notifications on your wrist’ and breaking Kickstarter records, have unveiled a completely new design.

Stepping away from its original sports-inspired appearance, the watch has a CNC-machined stainless steel case and the wearer has the option of two styles; brushed stainless steal or a matte black finish, both of which have had ‘physical vapour deposition’ making them extra durable and practically scratch-resistant. Buyers also have three strap options including black leather, fully confirming that this new product is aimed at a completely different consumer than Pebble originally targeted: style-conscious businessmen or simply people who are looking for a smarter looking smartwatch.

The watch has also received a full software update that will contain all the original Pebble features such as news updates, maps, music control, fitness tools and of course the trusty alarm with an even longer battery life with double the 64KB of memory of the original model.

The team at Pebble also unveiled details of their new online store for apps which aims to be, ‘a one-stop shop for searching, browsing, and installing awesome Pebble watchfaces and apps.’

Watch the introductory video below:

Pebble Steel is available to order for $249 from their website.


Images: PCMag

Sources: Mashable, PCMag

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