How A Simple Design Tweak Created The World’s Best Pizza Box

How A Simple Design Tweak Created The World’s Best Pizza Box

Adding vents could mean the end of soggy delivery food.

Ross Brooks
  • 27 january 2014

Trapped steam inside a take-out box not only turns your pizza into a soggy mess, but can also affect the aroma and flavors. To put a stop to this, Vinay Mehta created VENTiT, a revolutionary way to deliver pizza that has been judged as the world’s best by Scott Wiener, the New York-based pizza aficionado.

Wiener has collected approximately 650 boxes from around the world since 2009 and is the Guinness World Record holder for this particular category, which makes him the perfect judge. He said that of all the boxes he has seen, Mehta’s design is best suited to delivering steaming pizzas. “It’s smart because it doesn’t add any hardware, just rethinks the common construction of a box and rearranges it,” Wiener wrote to Scroll.


Mehta has been dealing with cardboard for 35 years, and owns his own company called Reproscan, which offers printing services to packaging firms, as well as the advertising and publishing sector. He now plans to join forces with international partners to produce and distribute VENTiT boxes all over the world. It took him five years to obtain an initial patent, but he now has them in over 100 countries.

According to Mehta, the cardboard industry has remained static for over a century, but he wants to shake things up and offer people a new standard of take-away food. His boxes wouldn’t just benefit pizza, but countless other cuisines as well.


Source: Quartz

Lead Image by Mridula Chari


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