How To Design A Sexier Green Light Bulb [Pics]

How To Design A Sexier Green Light Bulb [Pics]
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Eco-friendly products don't have to be bright and clinical, the Plumen 002 uses 25% less energy than regular bulbs.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 10 january 2014

From the makers of Plumen 001, an alternative to the 60W incandescent light bulb, comes the Plumen 002, a designer light bulb that is created especially for places that require dim brightness and warmer tones like bars, coffee shops, or even the living room.

Like the first version, Plumen 002, is a low energy bulb and use less power than regular light bulbs. The Plumen 002 is an alternative to the 30W incandescent bulb and requires less than 25% of the energy to power the latter.



The Plumen 002 is designed to create a cozy atmosphere and, because of its contemporary, sculpted and defined form, adds a somewhat artistic feel to everyday spaces.

The company is currently raising funds for the Plumen 002 on Kickstarter. For $30, backers can purchase one of the designer light bulbs. For $60-70, backers get the light bulb plus a pendant. A $95-100 pledge gets supporters a complete room set of four.


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