Artist Sews Loved Ones’ Portraits Into His Own Hands [Pics]

Artist Sews Loved Ones’ Portraits Into His Own Hands [Pics]
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Artist David Catá uses his skin as canvas for his "A Flor De Piel" series.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 15 january 2014

Spanish artist David Catá uses his skin as a functional canvas and creates portraits of people who have influenced or made a mark in his life by embroidering them onto the palms of his hands.

His ongoing series, “A Flor De Piel,” features portraits of some of his family, friends, teachers, lovers, and partners — sewn into his hands.

On his website, he writes (translated),

Every person that we meet makes us in some way. Their image projects on us, reminding us where we come from. Their lives turn into a part of ours. Every stitch over my skin represents them, physical pain is not a boundary, it unites us more by thinking that my hand has been marked by an affective act, by thinking that, at that time, my hand touched their hand.

View some of his work in the gallery below.

Watch the artist at work in the video below.

David Catá

Source: designboom, Ignant

Images: David Catá


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