PSFK Picks: Top Five Stories Of The Week

PSFK Picks: Top Five Stories Of The Week
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An gill-like underwater breathing apparatus, an app for one's intimate moments on Google Glass, and more.

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 24 january 2014

Each week we bring you the most popular and interesting posts of the past five days. Here is the current selection to give you topics to explore and share over the weekend.


Concept Oxygen Mask Lets Swimmers Breathe Like Fish

Conceptualized by Jeabyun Yeon, the Triton Oxygen Respirator is an ergonomically designed regulator that would eliminate the need for bulky scuba diving gear and would enable swimmers to breathe effortlessly underwater. The basic concept of this model is to extract oxygen from the water and convert it into breathable air, mimicking the functions of gills.


Engine Makeover Makes Machines 20 Percent More Efficient [Video]

Designed by technologist and entrepreneur Steve Lindsey, the Blade Compressor is a circular device that helps engines run up to 20% more efficiently. Lindsey’s company Lontra was able to partner with Severn Trent Water to test the Blade Compressor in one of the company’s production plants. The trial was successful, contributing to a 3% reduction in the company’s electricity bill in the last year. Lontra has signed a global licensing deal with a worldwide manufacturer of waste water machines, meaning it will soon be available for use.


Google Glass Sex App Lets Wearers Swap Their Points-Of-View in Bed 

The Sex With Google Glass app allows couples experience their intimate moments from each other’s point of view. Developed by product design student Sherif Maktabi, the app is voice operated and will take a video of the event, keeping it in the app’s memory for five hours for replay purposes before its deletion. The app also allows the wearer to select mood-setting music and even lets them ask for suggestions on sexual positions.


How WhatsApp is Growing its User Base Without Any Gimmicks

Cross-platform mobile messaging app WhatsApp announced that it has around 430 million active users and around 50 billion messages go through the app each day. CEO and co-founder Jan Koum emphasized that WhatsApp will continue to stay from ads and “gimmicks,” focusing on the messaging. WhatsApp also values privacy and doesn’t collect users’ personal information other than their phone numbers.


Lingerie Ads Do Away With Photoshopping and Body Shaming

American Eagle’s subsidiary store Aerie has launched the “Aerie Real” campaign which features beautiful, young models unairbrushed and unphotoshopped. The brand wants to help girls build self-confidence, freeing them from the fashion world’s skewed perception of beauty and helping them feel good about their bodies. Already going viral on social media, “Aerie Real” is the first of many unretouched campaigns for the company.

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