PSFK Picks: Top Five Stories Of The Week

PSFK Picks: Top Five Stories Of The Week

An energy solution out of science fiction, a weed and sushi pairing menu, and more.

Rachel Pincus
  • 10 january 2014

Each week we bring you the most popular and interesting posts of the past five days. Here is the current selection to give you topics to explore and share over the weekend.

Giant Lunar Solar Panel Could Power Entire World


Japanese engineering and architectural firm Shimizu has proposed a concept that would solve the Earth’s climate crisis with just one form of clean, renewable energy. The team, which is known for a series of ‘dream projects,’ proposes to construct a solar panel, dubbed Luna Ring, fitting the moon’s 11,000 km equator. By constructing the panel to fit the lunar equator, direct sunlight would be received 24/7, which would then be transmitted to receiving stations on Earth via microwave and laser power.

Sushi Restaurant Embraces Drug Legalization With Cannabis Pairing Menu

In light of the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, local restaurant Hapa Sushi joined forces withTDA_Boulder to kickstart a new promotional campaign. To really drum up some buzz, Boulder created a “pairing menu” and table placards around the pro-weed attitude. At the restaurant, suitable and high-quality types of cannabis are served alongside the restaurant’s epicurean dishes.

Polaroid Unveils New Cube Action Camera [CES 2014]

Polaroid have already impressed some people at CES 2014 with their new Socialmatic camera, but it would appear the company still has a lot more to offer. As part of an upcoming line of action cameras, Polaroid has released a super-cute HD cube camera called the C3. Despite its adorable exterior, the cuboid camera is packed full of features that make it perfect for capturing your outdoor and underwater adventures.

Elevated London Bike Highway Will Cut Commuting Time In Half [Pics]

The initial proposal for the SkyCycle, a system of elevated bike lanes running above London’s busy streets, was first made known in 2012. The project by architects Foster + Partners and Exterior Architecture, and transport consultant Space Syntax was a proposed solution to ensure the safety of urban cyclists. Architect Sir Norman Foster has recently revealed the plans for the open-air bike lane network, which consist of about 220 kilometers of dedicated bike lanes.

Design App Lets People Add Virtual Furniture To Their Living Room [Video]

Staging the perfect living space can be troublesome; you need to factor in different aspects of design techniques and style options, but imagine if there was a way to see the furniture in your home before you make the final commitment. Similar to IKEA’s augmented reality appAdornably does just that. Expanding the concept that IKEA’s pioneered, entrepreneur Marc Lebovitz centered his new startup, Adornably, around a very unique iPad app, which lets users scale a virtual image of the room, design it and bring it to life using any magazine you might have laying around.

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