Redesigned NY Times Catches Up With The Blog Era

Redesigned NY Times Catches Up With The Blog Era

The iconic newspaper recreated its online portal with a minimalist and contemporary design and more fluid interface.

Serena Chu
  • 8 january 2014

In keeping up with the tech trend, The New York Times is giving its website a complete overhaul, creating a more streamlined and immersive reading experience for visitors. Instead of small tweaks here and there, the site will feature a new scrollable page layout, a comments section that runs parallel to the article and a complete social media panel for easier sharing.


As an example of form and function, a drop-down navigation bar will make browsing faster and the overall layout more aesthetically pleasing. In addition to the presentation improvements, a new ad format will be incorporated alongside the editorial content. The native ad platform will be wrapped in a blue border and identified as “paid advertising,” making for an easier way to distinguish what is actual news and what is promotional content.


Minimalistic at its core, this modern news platform will be attracting more readership, on desktops and tablets, later in the year. Currently, a pilot site is live and running. A limited number of people chosen at random will get a chance to try out the new layout before it officially takes the stage. With a waiting list in queue, spaces will no doubt fill up very quickly. To be a part of the change, you can enter your name into the lottery here.

New York Times

Source: Adweek, NY Times, The Verge


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