Piano Reflects Player’s Hands Back To Them During Virtual Lessons [Video]

Piano Reflects Player’s Hands Back To Them During Virtual Lessons [Video]

Visual projections on the keyboard aid in improving skills.

Serena Chu
  • 10 january 2014

The fluid hand gestures and movements made across the piano keyboard are equally mesmerizing as the harmonics that are simultaneously created. To give meaning to this unique style of motion, researchers at the MIT Media Lab developed an interface for the piano that visualizes a “ghost” performance. Entitled MirrorFugue, the project takes the reflection on the lacquered surface of the piano and displays its unaltered entirety on top of playing keys.

piano 2

Based on the idea that visual representations enhance understanding and synchronisation, MirrorFugue offers students a valuable, remote learning experience. With this technology, teachers no longer need to partition their time. Instead, they can record their lessons and have students playback recordings to comprehend different techniques.

Using wide-angle cameras and MaxMSP/Jitter, Xiao Xiao, the mastermind behind the project, communicated the audio and sound in a 640 x 480 video shot at 30 frame per second. In order to simulate the conditions of remote correspondence for the experiment, she invited two people to play in the same room without visual sightings of each other.

While the project is merely a prototype, it offers a glimpse of what the future holds for musicians. This intimate emotional expression demonstrates excellent interdisciplinary innovation and a mastery of digital design.

See the visual of the project below, it is absolutely surreal.


Source: Creative Applications

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