Crosswalk Sign Changes Its Message Depending On Who Walks By [Video]

Crosswalk Sign Changes Its Message Depending On Who Walks By [Video]

PopPop is a pedestrian crossing signal that changes and interacts with passersby.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 21 january 2014

Located on a downtown block in NYC, PopPop is a pedestrian crossing sign that is designed to interact with passersby and display human emotions based on what’s happening around it.

The crosswalk sign reacts to its environment and displays signs like “Stop jaywalking,” “Keep smiling” and “Have a fun day.”

PopPop is part of a project that aims to re-imagine NYC’s pedestrian signals and give them some sort of personality to make everyday life just a tad bit more interesting.


PopPop was also created as an exploration into how adding a personality to a connected object can change people’s relationships with said object.

The “living” pedestrian signal was created by Alexandra Coym, Sam Slover, and Steve Cordova. The three creators are Master’s students in tech and design at  NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. More information on the technical design and build of the pedestrian signal can be found on the PopPop Tumblr site.

Watch the video of PopPop on the streets.


Source, Images: Protein

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