Poetry Made Of Lines Of Sand Disappear Without A Trace [Video]

Poetry Made Of Lines Of Sand Disappear Without A Trace [Video]
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Dutch artist Gijs van Bon manifests the temporary nature of public art by writing out poems with sand.

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 31 january 2014

The nature of public art can seem temporary, as new waves wash over the old ones in an attempt to reflect the contemporary style. Artist Gijs van Bon has made his public art even more erasable by writing out poetry with sand.

Skryf is the mobile writing machine that uses sand to write out the words of poems. The machine was adapted from an old CNC milling machine, controlled via laptop, with software that van Bon developed himself. While the device made its debut during Dutch Design Week, van Bon has used it in multiple countries to present the works of famous poets – eternal words present only for a moment, before being swept away by the crowd or the wind.


Source, Image: Dezeen

+Dutch Design Week

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