Sears Rewards Customers’ Fitness With In-Store Goods

Sears Rewards Customers’ Fitness With In-Store Goods

Members of FitStudio can receive monetary incentives and then use for in-store goods.

Serena Chu
  • 13 january 2014

Sears values the importance of being active and staying healthy. That is why the company introduced a new rewards program that offers incentives to members who incorporate movement into their daily lives. For registered customers of the Points for Progress program, they will have access to free workout plans, special tools and helpful information to shape a healthier lifestyle.

With an accompanying app and device, people can track their movement and use accumulated points to purchase items at any participating Sears, Kmart, or Lands End.


Sears promises $5 (5,000 points) for every 14 miles walked or run in 2014. To include more people into the interactive rewards program, Sears allows people to choose qualifying activities that are most suitable for their fitness levels. Other ways to earn points include friend referrals or participating in the online fitness community, engaging in dialogue and liking articles via social media.

By giving people a platform to meet their personal fitness goals, Sears demonstrates how brands can leverage quantified self data to connect with their customers. They company is setting the foundation for a life-long commitment for personal wellness. The incentives may be small but a little really does go a long way.

If you haven’t set up your fitness targets for this new year already, you can be a part of the movement here.


Source: Retail Customer Experience, Fitstudio

Image: FitsSugar

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