Bed Molds And Reacts To People’s Sleeping Habits [CES 2014]

Bed Molds And Reacts To People’s Sleeping Habits [CES 2014]

Smart bed tracks your nocturnal habits and helps put an end to snoring.

Ross Brooks
  • 9 january 2014

There are already sleep sensors on the market, but as Sleep Number demonstrated at this year’s CES 2014, it’s much better to just turn your entire bed into a sleep monitor. Their new x12 is a smart bed filled with various sensors that monitor user sleeping habits, movement, heart and breathing rate. You can even use the smart technology to tackle your partner’s snoring.

Sleep Number’s dual-sided bed features built-in Sleep IQ technology that monitors your sleep patterns and recommends optimal settings for the adjustable mattress. It also cross-references the data collected throughout the night against your pre-sleep activities such as exercise and caffeine to deliver Sleep IQ scores.


Partner Snore is another feature that will appeal to most; it adjusts the other half of the mattress by five degrees to reposition your partner and help alleviate their snoring. The bed can also respond to simple voice commands, record messages, and guide you when you get up in the dark with under-bed lighting.

The x12 is an investment with an $8,000 pricetag, but the company has plans to remove that barrier. ”In the coming months we will be introducing these technologies across our entire Sleep Number line.” That means while the price might seem high now, there could soon be a much more affordable option on the market to help you get a perfect night’s rest,” says Sleep Number chief product officer Annie Bloomquist, as quoted by USA Today.

Sleep Number

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