Sleep Sensor Promises A More Restful Snooze [CES 2014]

Sleep Sensor Promises A More Restful Snooze [CES 2014]

Aura by Withings measures sleeping patterns and cycles and provides fall-asleep and wake-up programs suited to the user.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 7 january 2014

Consumer electronics company Withings is unveiling a new product called Aura, a smart sleep system that monitors one’s sleeping patterns.

The system consist of a sleep sensor, a bedside device, and an accompanying app.

The sleep sensor is placed under the user’s mattress and measures sleep patterns and cycles, including body movements, heart rate, and breathing cycles. The bedside device keeps a record of the user’s sleep environment — noise, room temperature, and light levels.


With the app, users can view the data and see how well or poorly they slept throughout the night. Users will also be able to visualize their sleeping patterns.  Using the collected data, Aura will also be able to provide wake-up and fall-asleep programs that are suited to the user’s sleeping patterns and condition.

The sleep system is being unveiled at this year’s CES and will be available in the Spring.



Source: Wired

Images: Withings

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