Smart Car Parking App Only Finds Tiny Spots

Smart Car Parking App Only Finds Tiny Spots

Smart Car owners can access a community-created database of locations, ratings and tips.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 6 january 2014

smart Spots” is a free iPhone app created specifically for smart Car owners that helps them locate parking spots too small for typical cars to fit in but accessible to the smart fortwo model. Smart USA teamed up with Hub Strategy to develop the app which currently caters to the metro San Francisco area.


Initially, Hub Strategy started the database by sending out teams of college students in smart cars to search for parking spaces sized between 9′-15′. The app relies on contributions from smart owners to grow the database. Users can log a new spots’ location with GPS, and add comments and tips for other smart owners. Existing spots can be rated and shared on Facebook and Twitter through the app.


“We have a smart at the agency,” says Hub Strategy’s DJ O’Neil, “and we’ve gotten to the point where we drive right by spots big enough to fit  “regular” cars and park in “smart spots” instead.  Hopefully this will improve our overall parking karma.”

Source: smartUSA, Hub Strategy


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