Tesco Teaches Children How To Eat Healthy With The Help Of Google+

Tesco Teaches Children How To Eat Healthy With The Help Of Google+

The Eat Happy project looks to decrease the amount of diet-related issues among today's youths.

Serena Chu
  • 29 january 2014

Good eating habits develop well before children reach their teenage years, and children who have better understandings of how to eat healthily are more likely to commit to such practices throughout their life. Recognizing that fact, TESCO has launched a nationwide food education scheme that will provide valuable nutritional information to primary school children in the UK. Through the Eat Happy project, primary school children will be taken on educational trips to factories, farms and supermarkets where they will learn about the various stages food goes through before it’s on their fork.

Supported by the Diabetes UK, the Children’s Food Trust and the NFU, this initiative leverages the power of social media to make informational courses more fun and accessible. Google+ hangouts and live video chats will connect children with food suppliers around the world, providing more comprehensive lessons on foods of different regions. TESCO has also partnered with Sorted food, a social media cooking channel, to offer easy-to-comprehend cooking lessons to children. Later this year, the second phase of the Eat Happy project will set up cookery courses in supermarkets.

The Eat Happy project can help the five million primary school children in the UK build healthier lifestyles, eliminating the likelihood of diet-related health problems among youths.

Eat Happy

Source: The Drum

Image: Daily Mail

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