Mini Squeeze Gadget Provides A Full Gym Workout Anywhere

Mini Squeeze Gadget Provides A Full Gym Workout Anywhere

Tao uses muscle tension to give you a way to exercise on the go.

Ross Brooks
  • 6 january 2014

Actually getting to the gym is often the hardest part of staying fit, so why not remove it from the equation completely? Tao is a new gadget that made its debut at the 2014 International CES trade show in Las Vegas this past Sunday, which lets you workout at your desk, on an airplane, on the couch – basically anywhere but the gym.

Tao is a handheld device that resembles a computer mouse in both size and appearance. The convenient little gadget is able to coach you through 50 isometric exercises using an accompanying app for Android and iPhone devices. “We want the vast majority of Americans who do not currently exercise to get some time in, and all your really need is about five minutes,” Philo Northrup, president and co-founder of Tao Wellness, told Mashable. “I used it while flying for 24 hours from Philadelphia to San Francisco during the recent snowstorms and was able to exercise on the plane — it saved my sanity and my lower back.


You can squeeze the device between your hands or knees, which in different positions work different muscles across your body. An element of gamification also means that you control a downhill skier while working out, or compete against friends to try and come out on top. Tao is also able to monitor your heart rate, sleep, and number of steps you take throughout the day.

The device is likely to cost between $200 and $300, with a planned launch in fall 2014. Apart from on-the-go exercise, the company wants to “explore more therapeutic uses for those who are recovering from surgery or strokes,” according to Northrup.



Source: Mashable

Images: Tao

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