Toyota’s FV2 Concept Is Video Art You Drive [Detroit 2014]

Toyota’s FV2 Concept Is Video Art You Drive [Detroit 2014]
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Check out our video of the FV2's dynamic digital exterior.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 21 january 2014

While the main draw of the North American International Auto Show are the new concepts and production models, its place on the annual auto show calendar means other recently debuted concept cars often get shown. This is the case with the Toyota FV2 which debuted in November ’13 at the Tokyo Motor Show. We posted some initial details already. But the static images only do half justice to showing how weirdly wonderful this future mobility concept is.

Cladding the single-seater electric car is a mirrored material that has the ability to display digital graphics. To take it one step further, cameras capture video on either side of the FV2 and alter the graphics depending on what movement they see. We captured a bit of video to show the effect.

It may be a while before a vehicle exterior gets this kind of treatment. Electric cars especially aren’t at the stage where battery power can be committed to running a display this size instead of adding to the vehicles’ range capabilities. But Toyota deserves credit for bring the only example of what can truly be called rolling art to the show in 2014.









Photos: Dave Pinter, Toyota

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