Social Reader Curates The Overflow Of Content [Video]

Social Reader Curates The Overflow Of Content [Video]

Could this be the answer to unwanted, annoying news in our feeds?

Lara Piras
  • 24 january 2014

Launched by the team behind Washington Post Labs, Trove helps people sort out the interesting topics in the social media feeds, news sites, and blogs that they follow.

Users can curate their own ‘troves’ by selecting the topics that interest them, and they can also follow other people’s troves for a more communal experience. It works by combining human curation and computer algorithms allowing a bespoke feed rid of unwelcome topics or even annoying baby pictures.

Users simply pick a topic they’re interested in and the app then highlights recent stories from over 15,000 sources that have been classified by Trove’s human editors. To get things started you name your topic, write a short description and describe which search terms you prefer Trove to use to suggest stories for your feed. You then simply comment if you like what you see and this particular post or topic will then know to appear next time you log on.

The app will also features troves curated by celebrities which presumably will be one of the most popular functions. This will enable users to get even closer to their icons and see what they’re seeing and following on a daily basis.

Vijay Ravindran, chief executive of Trove explains, “The goal of Trove is connecting people who have an interest in topics with the best people who are curating that topic.”

Watch the quick demo video below:

Visit Trove’s website to start your curation journey.

Images: NY Times,

Sources: USA Today, NY Times

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