T-Shirt Pin Helps Wearers Maintain Good Posture [CES 2014]

T-Shirt Pin Helps Wearers Maintain Good Posture [CES 2014]

This posture tracker helps even the desk-weary feel active.

Rachel Pincus
  • 8 january 2014

Wearable fitness devices have recently stormed the market, tracking all kinds of metrics that contribute to a productive exercise experience. For most people these days, though, exercise exists in a separate realm from how they spend most of their days – hunched over a computer screen or carrying heavy or cumbersome objects. Though these are not what we would call exercise, they are a huge part of our everyday embodied practice. Why not go about them in a way that’s healthier for your body and your mind?

The Lumo Lift combines a posture tracker with an activity tracker and integrates them into a small, attractive device that can either be worn as a small piece of jewelry – like a lapel pin – or hidden behind the clothes. The fact that it pairs via Bluetooth with an iOS app helps you forget you’re wearing it, at least until it vibrates and/or sends you a push notification if you’re slouching or hunching. The Lumo app tracks steps and calories burned, but it’s also concerned with the amount of time so many of us spend inactive, gently informing you when you’ve been inactive for too long. Lest you think it’s just a nag, the Lumo Lift also gives you plenty of positive reinforcement, rewarding you for competing against yourself on the amount of time you’ve been “exceptionally awesome.”

The Lumo Lift is still in its fundraising phase, but you can reserve one for between $59 and $79, depending on the backer level you choose. But improved posture is closer than you think; it’s expected to ship sometime in the spring. And if you’re more interested in improving your lower back posture, you can check out 2012’s LUMOback.

Lumo Body

Source: Engadget

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