QR Code Alternative Turns Printed Content Into A Library Of Links

QR Code Alternative Turns Printed Content Into A Library Of Links

Clickable paper from Ricoh could change the way we interact with print and outdoor advertising.

Ross Brooks
  • 13 january 2014

QR codes have never been very popular, which has made it difficult for advertisers to create interactive print and outdoor ads. Imaging and electronics company Ricoh may have the answer with a new technology called Clickable Paper.

The technology lets you click on an image without zooming in on a code or logo first, after which you’re directed to a range of options, including an Amazon link, a YouTube video and a website. You can also tweet or share the information of Facebook, which compared to a QR code that sends you straight to a dedicated website, is a big improvement.

The company actually introduced their QR code alternative two years ago, but the apps needed to access clickable paper were only made available in the United States late last year. A similar app has also been available in Japan since 2012, which is testament to the country’s strong interest in mobile technology.


Source: Mashable

Image: Flickr

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