Warby Parker Offers Fans An Interactive, 365-Day Annual Report

Warby Parker Offers Fans An Interactive, 365-Day Annual Report

The online eyewear retailer releases a dynamic breakdown of every business day in the year 2013.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 13 january 2014

Online eyewear retailer Warby Parker has been releasing creative annual reports since 2011.

For their 2013 Annual Report, the company took it to another level. Instead of a year-end summary and a few highlights, this year’s annual report looks back at every single day of the business in 2013.

The report is featured in a sort-of calendar grid format where viewers can select any month and specific day in 2013 to see the company’s highlights and even its lowlights. The report also gives viewers a peek into the company’s culture, with bits of details like “no-meeting Mondays” and staff members celebrating their anniversary of working at the company also included in the annual report.


In a post on Advertising Age, Warby Parker co-founder Neil Blumenthal described this year’s report, which they started putting together two months ago, as their most ambitious and took five times more work than previous reports.

The company’s annual reports have proven to be a great public-facing marketing tool for the company. The release of the first report led to the company’s three biggest sales days at that time. The second report also resulted to the company’s highest days of home try-on volume and the highest traffic day to date. According to Blumenthal, the more information the company shares, the better the company does.

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Source: AdvertisingAge

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