Dave Pinter: Top Design Stories Of The Week

Dave Pinter: Top Design Stories Of The Week
Design & Architecture

Clothing for chairs, a speaker you can sit in and a spotlight on NYC-based firm David Weeks Studio.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 31 january 2014

PSFK highlights the important design stories of the week. Get caught up and discover what’s new in product, retail, automotive and architectural design.


Clothing Designed For Chairs by Bernotat and Co.
Seating apparel items that add functionality and are inspired by grandma’s dressing gown, baggy overalls and an oven mitt.




‘Afillia’ 3D Printed Light Pendants
Elegantly designed lights able to mimic naturalistic cast shadows from clouds.



AudioOrb: A Spherical Speaker You Can Step Into
Contains 18 speakers inside to offer an isolated, focused audio listening experience.



Stratasys Unveils the World’s First Multi-Color, Multi-Material 3D Printer
Creating multi-colored products meant assembling various separate parts, not anymore.



La Jeune Rue Paris Gastronomy Village
A French Millionaire has a dream to create a new high-design food district.




The AIGA Turns 100 This Year!
American Institute of Graphic Arts announces programs and events celebrating graphic design.



Nakamura Station Renovation in Japan Rethinks Waiting Areas
Passengers have dedicated amenity space to relax or work with easy access to the train.



Ciel Rouge Creation Injects Bold Colors Into Okazaki Building
Individual dwellings were painted their own distinct color, transforming a single structure into a neighborhood.


Spotlight: David Weeks Studio


This week, PSFK stopped by NYC-based David Weeks Studio in TriBeCa for the opening of a new exhibition called  the Brass and Leather Show. On display are a series of limited edition objects and furniture made with traditional handcrafted techniques. The Semana Chair (1999) by David Weeks has been updated with leather by Big Bend Saddlery, the longest continuously operating saddlery. Marfa contributed leather sandals which also got recreated in leather from Big Bend.  Nyack based artist and designer Rodger Stevens contributed hand made brass jewelry and a series of beautiful brass wire baskets and small bowls.

While digital manufacturing technology continues to advance, it is always good to see the unique touch added by artisans who really know their craft.












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