Artist Sends Job Application To Wes Anderson In The Form Of Foraged Movie Trailers [Video]

Artist Sends Job Application To Wes Anderson In The Form Of Foraged Movie Trailers [Video]
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Bizarre trailer for upcoming movie "The Grand Budapest Hotel" surfaces online.

Ross Brooks
  • 16 january 2014

As part of a creative job application to the director Wes Anderson, Chinese media artist Youyou Yang has created a series of trailers for Anderson’s upcoming film “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” The introductory clip combines fragments and various other relics found in the German town of Görlitz, where much of the film was shot.

The trailers not only examine the odds and ends left behind once the crew wrapped up production, but also how it affected different members of the community. Yang includes clips of different citizens of Görlitz, connecting them through objects used in the filmed experiments. Each person in the trailers had stories or pieces from the production which they shared with Yang, tying back into her own journey following the production of the upcoming film, which she chronicled on the job application’s website.


The artist takes on the role of both an archaeologist and a detective, which leads her to dig out the remains of the set, and collect anecdotes told by local residents who were involved in the film production. Through the analysis of these raw materials, the film was reconstructed from outside in an interior perspective while keeping the reconstructions as close to the original as possible.

This detailed job application shows how Yang is not only familiar with Anderson’s work but also understands the best way to showcase her own talents. She captures Anderson’s nostalgic 1960s aesthetic, his signature style, as well as his penchant for tight shots and focusing in on specific objects.  The trailers highlight directing, sound mixing and editing ability as well as a talent for emulation and creative thinking.

Standing out amongst the piles of resumes can be difficult, but many candidates often find original approaches to the standard application. Like Yang, Miruna Macri went a less traditional route and dropped fake passports containing her resume on the streets of New York. Even if Anderson passes her over, Yang’s application denotes her skill, dedication, and passion, qualities any employer would appreciate in an applicant.

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