Wikipedia Adds Famous Voice Recordings To Create More In-Depth Entries

Wikipedia Adds Famous Voice Recordings To Create More In-Depth Entries

WikiVIP is a helpful linguistics tool in creating a more holistic historical project.

Serena Chu
  • 27 january 2014

Wikipedia editors Andy Mabbett and Andrew Gray have recently introduced an ambitious project that seeks to create a comprehensive audio record for future generations. After having documented just about every piece of information in the world, the digital encyclopedia is looking to complement its large database of written profiles with audio recordings. The site’s recently announced project WikiVIP invites celebrities and other notable people to record samples of their voices, which will be uploaded to their Wiki-profiles.

One of the project’s first voice samples includes the charming accent of Stephen Fry, who was personally approached by Mabbett. Other recordings include sound bites from BBC programmings, which range from Sir Tim Berners-Lee to Aung San Suu Kyi.

Though these recordings last no longer than a few seconds, they are a unique addition to each biographical page, and for the most part, will be an extremely useful linguistics tool in the future.


Source: Thenextweb


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