Wooden Bow Ties Turn Furniture Scraps Into Wearable Art [Pics]

Wooden Bow Ties Turn Furniture Scraps Into Wearable Art [Pics]
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Another example of how companies are up-cycling materials that have outlived their initial purpose.

Serena Chu
  • 21 january 2014

Vinyluse’s new collection of bow ties are not made with wool or silk, but with recycled wooden materials. The ‘Wood Papillon’ collection features nine wearable pieces. Each bow tie is named after a famous artist and reflects their personal artistic style. For example, the ‘Dali’ piece is specially shaped to resemble the master’s trademark facial hair, while ‘Matisse’s’ geometric voids reference his notable paper cut-out art.

This up-cycling of abandoned floors, disused chairs, and furniture as each bow tie’s medium is a smart demonstration of how household waste can be transformed into beautiful accessories through carpentry craft. If you want to jazz up your wardrobe, please find the collection on the company’s website here. Regardless of which neck accessory you choose, the price is set at €49.00 a piece.

You can browse through the collection below.

Wood Papillon

Source: Designboom

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