Writing App Calls On The Crowd To Fend Off Writer’s Block

Writing App Calls On The Crowd To Fend Off Writer’s Block

Get your creative juices flowing again with the collaborative efforts of others.

Ross Brooks
  • 15 january 2014

Running out of ideas when it comes to writing can be an extremely frustrating experience, so why not call on the crowd to offer up some ideas that will get you back on track? Coda for iPhone is an app that could give your creative writing a boost by calling on the community to submit ideas for something as small as the next word in a sentence, or even an entire paragraph.

You can access the service with your Twitter account, and while others can contribute to your work, it’s up to you whether or not the suggestions get merged into the original document, similar to platforms such as GitHub. The app is similar to Help Me Write, another community of people offering help writing, which is only available as a web-app.


FastCoLabs talks about this kind of service creating a content arms race in which readers’ expectations get increasingly higher thanks to average writers leveraging more and more technology to generate writing above their natural ability. It could even force talented writers to give up on writer’s block altogether, and hope that it holds back the flood of tech-directed writers.

Coda for iPhone

Source: FastCoLabs

Image: Flickr



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