History Project Calls Upon Citizens To Delve Into WWI Diaries [Pics]

History Project Calls Upon Citizens To Delve Into WWI Diaries [Pics]

The National Archives is digitizing the thoughts of WWI soldiers for the public to tag and appreciate.

Serena Chu
  • 15 january 2014

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War One. In remembrance of the event, the National Archives is digitizing 1.5 million diary pages that are currently in its possession, giving the public a chance to read the private thoughts and true events that took place in the trenches and on the frontlines.


Operation War Diary is a citizen history project that encourages the historian inside all of us to tag key details in the dairies published online. As a collaborative project, this significant piece of work that “creates opportunities for the public, history enthusiasts, family historians and researchers worldwide to explore the official records which may lead to some new discoveries and perspectives on this important period of history,” said William Spencer, author and military records specialist at the National Archives.


Thanks to the help of volunteers, one fifth of the diaries have already been uploaded online. The advantages of this project is that it provides people with a portal to locate their valiant ancestors and a chance trace their family history in a way that hasn’t been accomplished before.

Operation War Diary

Source: BBC 

Images: Operation War Diary


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