2014 Winter Olympics Re-imagined In New York City [Pics]

2014 Winter Olympics Re-imagined In New York City [Pics]

New York Times interactive piece looks at how the Winter Games would play out if held in the streets of the Big Apple.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 7 february 2014

To the dismay of many, New York lost its bid to host the 2012 Summer Olympics to London. While our neighbors across the pond did an admirable job hosting the Games, one can’t help but wonder what was missed by not holding them in The City That Never Sleeps.

With the 2016 Summer Games a full two years away and already promised to Rio de Janeiro – assuming they make it through this summer’s World Cup, which is already putting an immense strain on the country – one might wonder why The Five Boroughs doesn’t go after a Winter Games, what with all the snow and freezing weather we’ve been having.

Simply put, some have wondered.

In a truly entertaining effort, the team over at The New York Times re-imagines the city – complete with a luge in Times Square – hosting the Winter Games. Considering some of the issues that have popped-up in Sochi, maybe this should be given serious consideration as Plan B.




The competition venues are as follows:

The Downhill

Alpine events would be challenging. But if you could fashion a facsimile of the 2.2-mile downhill course at Rosa Khutor Alpine Center, it would tower over Central Park. Starting above 59th Street at a height of two Empire State Buildings, the course (without many of its notorious turns) would end on the ballfields of the North Meadow.

Luge, Bobsled and Skeleton

Racers might begin their starting sprints 40 stories up and several blocks north of Times Square for the run down the city’s own version of the Sanki Sliding Center’s track, finishing in a big turn on the plaza in front of the Armed Services Recruiting Center.

Ski Jumping

The New York Public Library and Bryant Park provide a surfeit of air rights, and scaffolding repurposed from the Fashion Week tent could support the jumps and starting box. Competitors could finish with a breathtaking hockey stop just short of Sixth Avenue, spraying snow and scattering pigeons.


The trickle of traffic that now uses Broadway south of Times Square would hardly be inconvenienced by the installation of a long ice sheet for the 5,000-meter speedskating between Madison Square Park and Battery Park.

Truly an exercise in imagination, check out all of the renderings below (and keep your fingers crossed for 2022 – 2018 is already going to South Korea).

Sources: The New York Times (International Ski Federation; Sochi Organizing Committee; ISC/IBG Group)

Images: The New York Times

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