Printer Creates Sweaters In Under An Hour

Printer Creates Sweaters In Under An Hour
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Designer Gerard Rubio supercharges knitting with open-source software.

Ross Brooks
  • 25 february 2014

Knitting might not sound like a pursuit that lends itself well to technological innovation, but the OpenKnit Printer by Gerard Rubio calls that assumption into question. The textile 3D printer uses an open-source platform called Knitic, which allows you to design your own garment that will be ready-to-wear in less than an hour.

Gerard Rubio came up with the idea for an open-source platform as part of his final project in university. While unfamiliar with knitting at first, he was soon able to incorporate his technological knowledge into the one-of-a-kind 3D printer. The designer explained to Ecouterre that the project grew from his desire to experiment, as well as “hybridize tools and disciplines,” which eventually became the OpenKnit Printer.

The possibilities of this technology are awesome. The next milestone, beside improving its reliability, is to develop the ability to create two color patterns. Can’t wait for that.


Rubio has made a list of materials and instructions available so that everyone is able to create their own 3D textile printer for an approximate cost of $757. In the same way that the design software is open-source, the designer also encourage everyone to share their designs and personal experience on Do Knit Yourself, which is the go-to destination for 3D knitting enthusiasts.

OpenKnit Printer

Source: Ecouterre

Images: OpenKnit

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